Sunday, February 21, 2010

project: sweater

The other day I was flipping through what few channels I have on the telly. I came across The Matrix Revolutions (that was the third sequel, in case you were wondering). Immediately engaged, I took notice of the costuming from this 2003 flick. By the way, was anyone actually influenced by the Matrix look back when the movie was hot? Its okay, I won't judge ;) Well what caught my eye were the distressed, almost unraveled, quality of the sweaters Neo and Trinity were wearing in one scene. Along with a combination of this, I was inspired to knit my own sweater with an exaggerated ladder stitch down the front center. I've reached the neck line of the front and back pieces...still trying to figure out how I should piece this together. Sigh...there's just no rest for the weary!

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