Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I didn't catch this bustier in the A/W 10/11 Nina Ricci RTW show. This image, which I found on, is from the August issue of Vogue Nippon and Eniko Mihalik is the model. I'm not sure why this piece was styled the way it was on the runway but I still love it the same. Have any of you been wondering what the difference is between a bustier and a corset? Because I have!! As I've been using the two terms interchangebly I had a feeling I was using them inappropriately. Corsets are typically designed to emphasize curves by cinching in the waist while bustiers are designed with a built in cup to give lift to the bust area.


(image via

(image via

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I'd been itching to attempt another bustier much that I had two going on at once. Here's one I finished for my friend Dalen to wear for the pink party this pride weekend. I love me a good challenge every now and then. This was my first time fitting another person for a bustier...and I really couldn't tell if Dalen's man figure was working to my advantage or working against me. I say this because he has a relatively boxy frame, which makes sewing non-curvy seams really easy. I guess I was just really struggling to find the areas to "push up". Instead I padded the bust area. With more time I would've liked to build up that portion a bit more with some real underwire and cups. Check out the process:

 (muslin fitting)

 (mid-sewing progress, lining and fashion fabric...yes that's dupioni silk woven with silver metallic thread! It wasn't cheap!)

(Dalen pre-wig, sorry for the not-so-clear photo, hopefully I'll have some better ones to show soon)

the gender bend

Here's a photo from a photo shoot collab with my friend photographer Rosemary Mamisay. The shoot was from last December for a W magazine photo competition. Needless to say we felt inspired to play around with some gender bending. I remember going out the night before the shoot only to come back pulling an all-nighter to finish the dress. For the sake of art endeavors...I will do anything. 

Photographer: Rosemary Mamisay
Model: Dalen Gilbrech
Designer + Stylist: Jody Siu

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

new look

A good friend of mine just sent me this jacket from Huffer's LA office. The line Huffer, which is new to me, is a New Zealand-based clothing line which caters towards street style...check out 80's Purple for something similar. I got the xsmall in this jacket and even though it's meant for a loose fit I feel like the xxsmall may fit better. Its all good though...I'm in a phase where I like to get lost in my over-sized coats. Today was perfect weather for something lightweight like this too!

flesh. now bone + black

I'm working with a new colorway, bone and black. I love the fabric, which is a bone colored mercerized cotton knit, but what do you think of the black scalloped lace ribbon? Honestly, it's giving me a hard time when sewing but I like the end results I suppose....

Sunday, June 13, 2010


flesh. has been restocked at Wonderland SF! My best selling pink knit panties can now be paired with the new matching baby dolls. Let me know what you think!

Monday, June 7, 2010

coach carries bloggers

Okay, so I know no one asked for my opinion but can I make a suggestion to coach to have the option for brass hardware on all bags??!? I think the second they started using silver hardware for the majority of their handbags the quality of the bags themselves just didn't seem as classic...but I guess I'm just partial to gold tones.

Friday, June 4, 2010

beauty + geek

In an earlier post I mentioned that I had been helping on is the one I helped with. The shoot was headed by Rizza San Agustin for the launch of her new site...she's amazing!...and funny as hell! Check out more of her work on her website!!

Photographer: Rizza San Agustin
Second Shooter: Rosemary Mamisay
Models: Monica Ortiz Duarte + Sean Cavanaugh
Assistant Stylist: Jody Siu


Currently I'm working on more items for flesh. but I'm finding frustration at every level...I've come to terms with the fact that I will never be 100% satisfied with my work. Here is a cape I've been sketching over and over again. I finally found that "perfect"  fabric for it so my vision of this is...well...perfect. I started off drafting a very basic cape pattern with a flat peter-pan-esque collar, adding a little more fullness from the shoulder down. After sewing in muslin I was going from feeling it didn't have the kind of drape I was going for to wanting to incorporate a sheer fabric. So from there I decided to add a few godets of chiffon, thus taking care of both issues I had. I got's what I have so less really more? Or is more alright too?