Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I'd been itching to attempt another bustier project...so much that I had two going on at once. Here's one I finished for my friend Dalen to wear for the pink party this pride weekend. I love me a good challenge every now and then. This was my first time fitting another person for a bustier...and I really couldn't tell if Dalen's man figure was working to my advantage or working against me. I say this because he has a relatively boxy frame, which makes sewing non-curvy seams really easy. I guess I was just really struggling to find the areas to "push up". Instead I padded the bust area. With more time I would've liked to build up that portion a bit more with some real underwire and cups. Check out the process:

 (muslin fitting)

 (mid-sewing progress, lining and fashion fabric...yes that's dupioni silk woven with silver metallic thread! It wasn't cheap!)

(Dalen pre-wig, sorry for the not-so-clear photo, hopefully I'll have some better ones to show soon)

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