Friday, April 9, 2010

half way there!

For the past week I've been melting my brain away, working till the wee hours of the morning making some progress on these fashion show garments . Here's some pics of what I have so far, let me know what you think!!! Really!!

First off, this is my 2' x 3' drafting/cutting/ironing/sewing/serging table. I know you feel sympathetic ;) but I've made this work for me so far...sigh...really though, I'm really looking forward to upgrading one day.

This look is a bit basic after sewing up the majority of it. The idea was to add visual interest by creating the vest piece which has an asymmetrical cut but I'm not sure it'll be enough. Edits will ensue...I'm sure I'll add some fancy style back pockets to the trouser shorts (yeah! I used the same fabric from a previous project so what?! Yeah, I bought the entire bulk from SCRAP? so what?! I'm in love with it!) and possibly a safari style jacket instead of the vest...we'll see.

My jumper is coming along great! I'm fairly satisfied with my progress so far but a bit scared about how I will handle finishing the armhole and attaching the bodice to the skirt. I've added a peek-a-boo cut out to the back and I think it was successful. The hidden buttonhole placket wasn't as difficult to sew as I imagined it would be with this upholstery-like fabric.

Boy aren't you all just sitting on the edge of seat filled with suspense at all these almost finished projects?!!

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