Sunday, May 2, 2010

post chillin'

It's the night after Chillin' Productions where I debuted my first lingerie line. The amount of work that has gone into flesh. was quite incredible, on a physical and emotional level - we're talking about back pains, headaches from no sleep, course grades dropping, demons I battle in my head that filled me with doubts, and weekend after weekend of disciplining that party mode I was so vulnerable to slip into. This sounds like pure hell but in all honesty...I would do it a heartbeat. The event was more than gratifying for me and I hope to take this concept and expand it into something great. Here are some photos of my booth.

Thanks to all who came out to support!! And a special thanks to Matt Chambers who's a genius at lighting. AND an even more special thanks to Joey Lin whom I could not have made the night physically possible without!!

Please stay tuned to find out where you can buy flesh.!!

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