Thursday, December 16, 2010

the sweetest things...

Some of the sweetest things are hand-written postcards...I received this one from the most awesome hairstylist I know, Sarah Valentine! I recently sent her a couple of flesh. camisole and panty sets for having done such beautiful work on my models at Je Reve Encore. Check out her blog at Thanks for the lovely note Sarah glad you like your gift!!


  1. Pleasure is all mine. I'm tickled that you enjoyed it :) Seriously the lingerie sets rock my world. you are amazzzing!

    I had to strategically not respond to your e-mail in order for the postcard to be a surprise! hahaha, hope the wait wasn't too long :)

  2. Sarah! yeah when I realized I never got an email reply I was worried but then I got your postcard that very day! =D Let's talk soon!