Thursday, September 15, 2011

where the sun don't shine...

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I'm not sure why this was never posted. This post was drafted in May and I think at the time I felt like the content had been reposted quite a bit already. Well, regardless I think this still serves as inspiration for me.
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Some time in May 2011....
Lately I feel as though life, as my stimulant, has been in a gray area, an adjusting period, cloudy, settling, get it right?! Needless to say... there hasn't been anything to spark my interest in fashion, designing, inventing, etc. Not until today that is...when I surfed upon Fleet Ilya, which reveals the super sexy creations of Ilya Fleet and Resha Sharma. Ilya Fleet being the trained saddle maker has mastered the art and craft of building 3D forms with leather. Along with his wife Resha, having a background in fashion, the duo does some highly sophisticated leather work. Check out an interview with the two on Highsnobette.

Yes y'all it's a leather dog mask!

Aaaand they've designed some ridiculously gorgeous statement accessories!

What's also interesting is that their S/S 11 colors really break up the edge of the pieces...neat twist!

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