Tuesday, March 16, 2010

viktor & rolf 2010/2011 autumn/winter show

It's always such a treat to find the Viktor & Rolf runway shows online. As soon as I came upon this I thought to myself "Oh my goodness, what are they gonna do this time?!" In my opinion I believe the designers out done themselves. This is how fashion designers should "design"! For those who don't know I studied product design at SFSU so watching this show made me realize a whole new answer to that age-old question, "Can clothing be transformed into different pieces without losing its style?" The show in itself was a new concept. Flawlessly executed, the designers physically demonstrated how these garments were transformed. So the garments in question came out as coats that were piled onto one model. Each coat was removed to put onto a new model coming out. As they reached the last coat, previous models came back out with the coats worn a different way. Those models would then have their coat removed (*gasping for air) AND put back onto the original model. I bet the dressers back stage had it easy! The collection as a whole was a gray scale of mixed textiles - from fur-trimmed wool to beaded chiffon. The silhouette of each look repeated their form fitting garments paired with loose over-sized coats. I am completely in tune with all these looks! Does anyone see a Tim Burton and Viktor & Rolf collaboration coming soon??

Here's the last half.

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